AI-powered Fleet Solutions for Greater Efficiency.
Geotab: Revolutionizing Fleet Management with Advanced Analytics and AI

Geotab, the world's leading provider of vehicle and asset connectivity solutions, leverages advanced data analytics and AI to enhance your fleet's performance, safety, and sustainability, all while optimizing costs.

Geotab serves over 50,000 customers in 160 countries, processing billions of data points from over four million vehicles every hour. Data security and privacy are always top priorities.

The open platform of the diverse Geotab Marketplace offers hundreds of third-party solutions for immediate deployment in fleets. Seamlessly integrate specialized tools to address your unique fleet management challenges.

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What advantages does Geotab offer?

1. Open platform

Enables seamless integration with existing fleet management systems and third-party custom solutions via API.

2. AI Data Intelligence

Enables data-driven decisions by analyzing data from millions of connected vehicles and providing recommendations based on AI solutions.

3. Practical sustainability

Solutions to reduce your carbon footprint: Track and reduce your fuel consumption and get support in electrifying your fleet.

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Telematics solutions tailored to your taste


With ibis and Geotab

Whether using Geotab's vehicle tracking device, integrated OEM or third-party hardware, Geotab allows you to effortlessly control your fleet through one platform. Regardless of vehicle type, vehicle manufacturer or model.

Flexible telematics solutions for transport and logistics

Geotab enables efficient management of your truck fleet through real-time engine data and maintenance prioritization, optimizing uptime and reducing costs. Tachograph management is simplified with automatic remote downloads and analytics, eliminating manual processes and supporting regulatory compliance. Additionally, Geotab increases with dashcam solutions that predict collisions
und Fahrer warnen, die Sicherheit Ihres Fuhrparks.



Tachograph management

Geotab's digital tachograph management enables you to identify drivers and provides insight and analysis into the real-time status and driving times of drivers.

Automated remote download

With Geotab's remote download solution, you can automate the regular downloading of driver and vehicle data at freely selectable download intervals.

Dashcam for more security

Solutions range from video recording devices to monitors that can warn drivers of dangerous situations.

Avoid driving time violations

View driver status and remaining driving times in real time in the MyGeotab fleet management portal. With the digital tachograph you can support your employees in complying with legal regulations.

Engine data and error codes

Get direct insight into engine data and trouble codes for proactive vehicle servicing and maintenance.

Tire pressure

Monitoring tire pressure ensures optimal vehicle performance and increases safety through early detection of pressure losses.

Trailer and asset tracker

Real-time data on the location and condition of assets, enabling efficient fleet management and rapid response.


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